Friday, 31 October 2014

ATTiny85 Tutorials

I thought that it may be easier for everyone if I put together a single page that lists all of the ATTiny85 tutorials on this blog so that you can come here and launch off to the tutorial that you want to see.

Once again, these are based on the Freetronics Eleven tutorials that you get when you buy the Experimenters Kit.

My goal is to produce an ATTiny85 equivalent for each of the tutorials in that guide, so that you can take advantage of both the Freetronics basic tutorials and my experimentations with the ATTiny85.

I am a hobbyist, not an expert!


Freetronics Tutorial Comments
01 – Controlling an LED  
02 – Controlling 8 LED 4 LED
03 – Reading Digital (On/Off) Input 4 LED
04 – Reading Analog (Variable) Input  
05 – Dimming LED Using PWM  
06 – Making Things Move With Servos  
07 – RGB LED  
08 – Drive More Outputs With A Shift Register 8 LED using 75HC595
09 – Making Sounds Using alternative tone() function
10 – Detecting Vibrations and Knocks  
11 – Light Input Controlling Sound Output  

I’m going to come back to this article and fill in the blanks as I complete the tutorials, so check in from time to time to see how we get along.

I will include the Arduino sketch along with the article so that you can see how the code differs between the chips. I am still planning on doing the same with the ATTiny84 and I’m likely to use the same format.

Typically, the tutorials will include a pin assignment section, an image or video of the completed circuit, the Arduino code and some commentary on the differences that I’ve encountered and the approach that I’ve taken.

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