Wednesday, 8 October 2014

ATTiny85 Shift Register – Main Board Populated

Tonight, I populated the main board for this project and made the necessary connecting wires. You can see the previous post at ATTiny85 Shift Register – Etched.

I started out by making the 9 DuPont Female to Female 1 Pin wires, 8 yellow and 1 black. The yellow wires connect Q1 – Q8 on the shift register to (ultimately) LED 1 – LED 8 on the sub-board. This was mostly a process that took time. I cut the wires to 100mm, stripped 5mm from both ends of the wire, tinned the wires, tinned the DuPont connectors, soldered the wire to the DuPont connectors, slipped the pin housing onto the connector … job done. Although, 9 wires with a little finessing ended up taking me about 45 minutes to complete, I’m glad that job is done.

ATTiny85 and 74HC595 - Populated 02

The next task was to populate the Main Board with the 8 and 16 pin DIP and the pin headers … there aren’t any heat sensitive components here, so it was, again, just a process.

ATTiny85 and 74HC595 - Populated 01

Tested the board and connections with the multimeter, all happy.

ATTiny85 and 74HC595 - Populated 03

After that, dropped in the ATTiny85 and 74HC595

I still have to pull the ATTiny85 and upload the modified Shift Register sketch onto it. I plan to test the main board by connecting it to 8 LED and resistors on a solderless breadboard. But … I’m too lazy and I think that I’ve done enough tinkering today.

huh … what do you know … I’m not that lazy!

Testing the ATTiny85 Shift Register board

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