Thursday, 2 October 2014

Arduino ATTiny84 ISP Shield – PCB – Part 2

Here is the completed Arduino UNO ATTiny84 ICSP (ISP) Shield that I have just completed.

ATTiny84 ICSP Shield 02

While soldering the board, I went through and tested each trace with the multimeter so that I wouldn’t have to go back later and find any dud connectivity. It turns out that there weren’t any shorted or broken traces this time, so it may have been a vein effort, however, I know that when I plug it in and run the circuit, that at least there aren’t any hardware failures.

The Arduino IDE test (using the UNO as an ISP) went without a hitch too, so it seems that all of my errors were caught early on and I ran out of problems … yay!

I am quite pleased with the two ICSP, they work well, have minimum components and an elegant design.

To recap on some of the design elements, below is the connections from the ATTiny84 to the Arduino UNO.


You can see that the connections for the ATTiny84 are essentially the same as  theATTiny85, just arranged differently.

I have been thinking about using a tri-coloured LED (common cathode) to replace the three 3mm Red, Green and Blue LED … but that can wait for now, I really don’t need the extra ICSP.

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