Tuesday, 4 November 2014

ATTiny85 – Tutorial 6 – Making Things Move With Servos

The Freetronics Tutorial 6 replaces the LED and Resistor connection on pin 11 of the Freetronics 11 with the data connection to a simple servo.

The ATTiny85 version does the same thing … not really much sense reinventing the wheel, huh?

ATTiny85 - Lesson 6 - Making Things Move With Servos

As we learn with Tutorial 7, there are three PWM pins on the ATTiny85 to choose from. I went with the easiest and most convenient … our old friend, pin 0.

If you use the sketch from Tutorial 5 in the Freetronics Tutorial with a servo instead of an LED, then this sketch works admirably.

// Tutorial 6: Making things move with servos
int led = 0;
int brightness = 0;
int delayTime = 10;

void setup()
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  while(brightness < 255)
    analogWrite(led, brightness);
  while(brightness > 0)
    analogWrite(led, brightness);

Of course, I’m using the ++ and – incrementing function rather than brightness = brightness + 1; and brightness = brightness –1; because I think that it looks better, but that’s just me. Let the spirit guide you in your decision …

Lesson 6 - Running

The green jumper connects from ATTiny85 pin 0 to the yellow connector on the servo, Red connects to Orange on the Servo from the 5V rail and the black jumper connects the brown servo connection to GND.

Here’s a short video of the action.

ATTiny85 Controlling a servo with PWM

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