Monday, 13 October 2014

ATTiny85 Shift Register – Sub Board Populated

This weekend I completed the preparation work on the LED Sub Board for the ATTiny85 Shift Register board.

The preparation work was simply cutting the board to shape and filing it down to make it round.

Tonight, I populated the board with the resistors (SMD 0805 120Ω), the pin headers and the 3mm blue LED. There really wasn’t much involved in this other than getting down and doing it. I could have made my live a little easier by spacing the pin headers more … but, you live and learn.

LED Sub-board 01

The trickiest part was soldering the SMD resistors. I did this by first clipping the resistor onto the board with a spring clip and soldering one side (the inside edge) and then going around and soldering the outside. After that, I soldered the pin headers and finally, the LED. I gave the board, LED and pins a test using the multimeter and found that the pin header for LED 2 was dry soldered, so I went over it again until I had a decent solder filet.

LED Sub-board 02

The top of the board looks pretty straight forward, nothing much to see.

This is still a prototype board, so I’m not terribly fussed. I’m happy with the shaping of the board, but, again, I could make my life easier by making this slightly larger. In the final version, I plan to have sockets instead of LED soldered to the board as the LED will be mounted on the inside of a Steam Punk prop … not held flat to a disc.

ATTiny85 Shift Register – Chasing LED Sub Board

Well, as far as a prototype goes, I think I’m happy with the outcome. I’ve learned some useful stuff about this type of circuit and I can use what I’ve learned when I’m making the version that will mount inside the prop, such as the spacing of the pin headers and the spacing and size of the screw mounting holes.

This project will probably end up as wearable electronics, I plan to mount the sub-board in opaque resin and make a badge out of it. I’ll also decrease the delay interval in the Arduino sketch to run roughly double the speed.

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