Tuesday, 7 October 2014

ATTiny85 Shift Register – Plan

I’ve been struggling for a while to work out a design for an ATTiny85 circuit with a shift register and 8 LED laid out on a single sided copper clad PCB. My main issue has been with the overlapping of traces.

Well, today I think that I’ve created a design that will work.

Fritzing - ATTiny85 - Shift Register - 2_pcb

I’m going to start making this board tonight and see if my design is right and then I’ll start tinkering with the design. I want to make a circular chasing light on a @40mm diameter board. So far, my designs for this circuit have left a lot to be desired so I’ll see how I get along.

The main questions to be answered in this design are:

  • Can I re-arrange the LED and resistors around a circular PCB; and
  • Is the design sufficiently optimised.

Ultimately, the chasing LED circuit will be embedded in another device, so I need the PCB to be of an optimal size. Once the board design is proven, then I can jigger around with it some more.

Honestly, I don’t mind if the circuit doesn’t live up to my expectations, it’s all learning.

Of course, the alternative is a sub-board with the LED and resistors on it.

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