Sunday, 9 March 2014

LED Lamp – Part 3

The next thing to do is to solder the anode (+) side of the circuit.
I cut the shielding off the solid core wire so that I would have more flexibility when soldering … also, cutting out little soldering windows is not so easy.
Picture 12
This was a bit of a pain as I had to mark out each solder point on the wire, take the LED and resistor out of the plasticine and position the wire and LED on my soldering stand. Each time, I had to put the circuit back into the plasticine and mark the next solder joint. Still, with a little patience, I got there.
Picture 13
You can see the termination on the right hand side of the loop and I’ve let the wire trail off.
More wire stripping for the negative side of the circuit. I also cut the long end of the resistor leg down to a more manageable (approx.) 5mm length. Then I was able to solder the outer wire in to the resistors in place. It wasn’t necessary to use the soldering stand for this side because I didn’t need to be too careful about heat-sinking the resistor.
Picture 14
Once the outer wire was soldered in, I took the plasticine off the back, cleaned the plasticine residue from the CD and presto … the CD is all wired up.
Next is a quick test of the circuit to make sure the LED all light up and we are pretty much done with the light end of the build.
Picture 15
I also drilled two more holes in the CD near the perimeter for the two solid core wires to go through to the under side of the CD.
Fiat Lux … let there be light.

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