Sunday, 9 March 2014

LED Lamp – part 2

Today I got to work on soldering up the LED.
I made a bed of plasticine to sit the LED in, this was done by rolling out some plasticine about 10mm thick and sitting the CD on top, then I pressed the LED into the plasticine through the holes that I had drilled through the CD.
Picture 7
That gave me a stable surface to work on where the LED are spaced properly.
Then I took each LED in turn and shortened the cathode (-) leg and soldered it to the 100 ohm resistor.
Picture 8
I used my modified USB cable to test each of the LED as they were soldered, to make sure that the LED was still working (I’ve burned some LED out by being sloppy with my heat dissipation before).
Picture 9
As the LED/Resistors were completed, I put them back into the plasticine so that I could see how I’m going for space.
Picture 10
I’m still going to have to shorten the legs on the resistors, but here is the build so far with the cathode end pointing in to the middle of the CD.
Picture 11
And here it is with the cathode pointing to the edge of the CD. I need to run a wire between each of the resistors in series. I’ll also need to run a wire between the anodes in series. I think that I prefer the cathodes pointing out, but I’ll need to see how I go when I wire up the positive lead.
Anyway, that’s the progress so far. I’ll do some more later on today.

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