Tuesday, 4 March 2014

LED Desk/Bedside Lamp

I want to make a lamp for my flat.
The idea is a pretty simple one. I’ll use a CD protector disk (the clear ones that often come with a spindle of CD) this will be the basic platform for the light.
I want about 8 LED arranged around the CD so that it throws enough light and doesn’t look too sparse.
The electronic side of this project is very very simple. 8 LED in parallel and a switch (of course I need some resistors).
Parallel LED
Here’s the basic design for the circuit (of course it needs the switch added to the design, but that’ll do for now.
I’ve marked out the CD with 8 marks for 5mm holes to be drilled. This was done by first finding the centre and marking out a circle 4cm from the middle using a compass on a piece of paper.
Finding the centre of the CD was done by placing the CD against the inside of a T-Square, where the CD touches the T-Square is two angles of a right angle triangle. Draw a line 90 degrees from the two points toward the centre of the CD. Where these two lines intersect is the centre of the circle. Then I opened the compass up to 4cm and drew a parallel circle from the centre point. Next, I drew another two lines through the circle that are 45 degrees from the first set of lines that I drew.
Where the lines intersect with the 4cm compass line is where I’ve drilled the 5mm holes for the LED. 8 holes, evenly spaced around the circumference of the inner circle that I drew … what could be easier?
So far I have the light platform made … next I want to solder up the light circuit and test it.
Picture 7

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