Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Steampunk Goggles–Simple Prototype

Goggle Design

For my prototype goggles, I’m going to keep with a pretty simple design. Two eye cups mounted on a nasal loop with a strap that goes around the head. Kind of like old style motorcycle/airman goggles.

The eye cups will be cylindrical pieces with straight sides and a curved outside edge that wraps around the eye. The curved piece will connect to the leather strap that goes around the head. The nasal will be a simple curved piece that will be brazed to the two eye cups, forming a single, unhinged piece.

I have made a cardboard template that fits comfortably on my eye, and from this I made some measurements and then did a design using Gimp.

goggle body

The design is 17.5 cm x 6 cm … I still need to print this out, transfer it to cardboard and then test the design against my face again so that I can make any refinements to the design that I need to, rather than simply go straight to brass.

The design was done using Bezier curves so that the design work is easier than using my compass and protractor … although that’s how I started with the design.

I have also made sure that the image that I am creating in Gimp is 1:1 scale, so that when I print it out, I don’t have to fart around with scale.

I have left a border, top and bottom, so that I can add some border design later on … but for now. That’s the hardest part of the design done.

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