Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Electrolytic Etcher–Design progress–Part 2

Ok … so thinking about the etcher circuit, and after reading about potentiometers … it seems I’ve made a rookie mistake.

The legs on a potentiometer, when you stand the pot up and face the legs to you are:

  1. ground;
  2. input;
  3. output.

Since my circuit doesn’t need the ground, my previous design had the input and output the wrong way around.

The corrected design is as follows:

Etch Circuit v2

Not much difference from the previous iteration, but important!

Also, I’m going to simplify the design of the prototype, and not bother with the LED. The LED that I was using was an old component that I harvested from a previous project … and I think that it is dead. When I get back to the inclusion of the LED for indicating power, I’ll use a nice fresh new LED, rather than rely on an old and unreliable component.

Tonight, I’ll de-solder the project and rewire it according to this new version of the design.

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