Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Electrolytic Etching–Plans and Musings–Part 2

I’ve drawn up the circuit diagram for the etcher. This is a pretty simple circuit, pretty much all that it is doing is taking a 6.8V AC Adapter power source and running it through a switch and a potentiometer. The switch is there so that the device can be turned off and on, while the potentiometer is there to ramp the power up and down. The LED, as described in the source article (from the NavaChing website), is only there as an indicator that the power is off or on … it is not essential to the circuit. I’ve added a 330Ω resistor to the LED to help protect the component.

Etch Circuit

This design shows the legs of the SPDT and the potentiometer that are wired in. Because we are using AC power, we don’t need the ground leg of the pot. Also, because this is a simple on/off switch, we are connected to leg 1 and common on the SPDT. When the switch is toggled to position 2, the circuit is broken and the power is off.

Depending on my work commitments, I hope to wire this device up tonight. I won’t be fitting it into it’s jiffy box, however … I don’t have a drill that I can use at the moment, so that’ll have to wait for the weekend.

I’ll post another article later with pictures of the wired device.

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