Saturday, 27 September 2014

What is made most in the shed …

Today, I made some inroads into tidying up my shed/workshop.

The main task that I had to complete so that I could actually put my tools and materials in some kind of an order, was the creation of some shelving.

A couple of weeks ago the house next door was sold and the new owners told us that they intended to demolish and build a new house. BING! went my brain … material! I asked our new neighbours if I could salvage some floorboards before they carted it all to the tip. Our neighbours gave me a week to tear out whatever I wanted from the house before they demolished. Lucky, lucky me!

I didn’t get greedy, I went in with a purpose in mind. Floorboards = shelves.

Yesterday, I bought some batten pine and made up the frames for my shelves and it all went swimmingly. To make my shelves all even and level, I made one frame with 5 shelves and then clamped crosspieces to it and the legs so that every one of the four supporting pieces were the same. It also helped that I had two drills. One for drilling pilot holes, and another with a Phillips head drive in it to drive the screws into the holes.

Today I put it all together and I am pleased to say that my shelves are now firmly attached to the shed walls and sturdy. The shelves are only 2 floorboards wide, but that’s plenty wide enough for my tools. The shelves are about 3.5m long and 2.4m high with loads of space underneath the bottom shelf for my big metal toolboxes to fit (with the lid open … a design feature suggested by my darling wife).

Tonight, I started sorting out my stuff. I also put up a peg-board on one of the walls of the shed so that I can hang my hammers, saws and various often used tools.


I reckon that the most commonly made thing in a shed/workshop is the humble shelf.

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