Friday, 19 September 2014

ATTiny85 ISP For Transfer Printing

Here are the toner transfer images for the Arduino to ATTiny85 ISP.

These images are unscaled so, when you print them, make sure that you print them without scaling (make sure your printer isn’t going to make the image “fit” the page.

The mirrored copper bottom of the board.

Fritzing ATTiny85 ICSP_etch_copper_bottom_mirror

and the silk top of the board.

Fritzing ATTiny85 ICSP_etch_silk_top

I’ve printed from the PDF output from Fritzing, so I cannot guarantee that these will work properly. I would recommend that you print the copper bottom out and then see if it matches up with the pin outs of the Arduino (or clone) that you are using.

These images relate to the Arduino ATTiny85 ISP Shield PCB article.

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