Tuesday, 29 July 2014

ATTiny84 ICSP Arduino Shield – Plan

A side issue for the ATTiny84 is loading sketches from the Arduino IDE. The approach that I have seen in several guises is using an Arduino Uno to program the ATTiny84. 42 Bots has fairly common design (from what I have seen on the Interweb) - Programming ATTiny84/ATTiny44 With Arduino Uno.

The approach appears to be consistent with several other designs. The main trick is loading the Master Tiny board definitions into the Arduino IDE. I had a bit of a hassle with this as it seems that the IDE has to be completely shut down and restarted to recognise the new hardware.

As it is likely that I’ll want to reproduce this at some stage, I figured that it would be sensible to create a shield for my Arduino that I can drop the ATTiny84 into the DIP socket, transfer the program and then pop the MCU out. I’d then drop the programmed ATTiny84 into my live circuit and continue.


Programming an Attiny84 or Attiny44 with Arduino Uno

I got:

Fritzing ATTiny84 ICSP_bb

as a wiring diagram … and from that it becomes:

Fritzing ATTiny84 ICSP_pcb

There really isn’t much to the board other than it’s pin locations aligning with the sockets in the Arduino Uno. That, and the 10uF capacitor terminating the UNO Reset pin.

I’ll make this up as a PCB so that I can simply attach it to the UNO as a shield and, I’m away.

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