Tuesday, 29 July 2014

9V to 5V Voltage Regulator – Plan

I have a couple of plans that involve reworking some of my earlier circuits into a sub-circuit environment and using an ATTiny84 chip as the controller.

The overall view is as follows:

Block Diagram

There will be an ATTiny84 at the core that will take analog input from three Momentary switches to toggle the three load circuits on and off.

The three load circuits are the:

These load circuits will be “controlled” by the ATTiny84 only in so far as the ATTiny84 will be serving power to the load circuits.

To start with, I’m going to be designing and building the 5V Regulated Power circuit to take the input 9V and deliver a smooth 5V to the ATTiny84.

Handily, Fritzing has a nice example circuit to start me off.

Fritzing 9V to 5V Regulator_bb

This simply passes the power from the 9V battery to a LM7805 and the output to a pin block. The circuit uses two 100nF capacitors to smooth the input and output. I have simply replaced the generic LM and input power in the Fritzing example with the LM7805 and a 9V battery.

For the PCB view, in Fritzing, the same changes have been made.

Fritzing 9V to 5V Regulator_pcb

I made some other minor cosmetic changes to the PCB design, such as added labels and rescaled the board (20mm x 20mm).

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