Monday, 11 August 2014

ATTiny85 ICSP Arduino Shield – Plan


Following on from my plans with the ATTiny84 chip, I’ve also ordered some ATTiny85 chips from eBay.

Like the ATTiny84, building an ICSP is going to be useful for programming the chip (ATTiny84 ICSP).

The ATTiny85 has 8 pins, rather than the princely sum of 14 pins with the ATTiny84.


The location of the VCC, MOSI, MISO, Reset, Clock and GND pins are almost completely different from the ATTiny84, so the layout of a ICSP for this chip is also … entirely different. There are some … unfortunate … crossing over of pins that makes this design a little more challenging.

I’m using a couple of 0Ω resistors as jumpers in this design, I could have just used some more jumpers, but, what the hell.

Fritzing ATTiny85 ICSP_pcb

I will certainly be bread-boarding this before I commit to making a PCB for it, but, so far, here is the plan based on the pin-out that I have copied from the ATMEL ATTiny85 data sheet.

When you compare the ATTiny85 pins with the ATTiny84 pins:


There are a few challenges, but it is still similar enough that it isn’t completely incomprehensible.

Now that I’ve received the chips … I just have to wait for a fortnight before I can have a good play (the tyranny of working in a different state from where I live … like THAT isn’t becoming a serious pain in the arse).

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