Thursday, 22 May 2014

Simple NE555 Pulsing LED – In A Box

Now that I’ve made the pulsing LED and soldered it all up on perfboard, I want to make an enclosure for it, ideally, one that diffuses the light and looks cool.
I have some 0.75 mm white PVC sheet at home that I’ve had for years and years (I used to use this for making table-top war-gaming scenery). The PVC sheet should be sturdy enough when it is glued into a solid shape and thin enough to allow light through and to diffuse it.
What I’m aiming for is, simply, a box to put the board in. I’ll probably use some hot melt glue to adhere the board to the PVC and I’ll cut a hole through one of the boxes walls to pass the power connector through.
NE555 Pulsing Box
When the circuit is powered, the light will pulse and the PVC will spread the light through it’s walls creating a glowing, pulsing box.
Last night, I cut the PVC and glued up all but one side of the enclosure (I’ve left the side with the power hole unglued) and I gave it a test run. The result was fairly pleasing … but quite plain.
I’m confident that the enclosure will do what I want it to do (glow and pulse). So, now I’m going to think about how to make it look Lovecraftian. The obvious approach is to cut up more PVC to make some faux pierce-work pieces to apply to the outside of the box. Alternatively, I could design and print out some black and white imagery and glue it inside the box. The thinking there is that the parts of the image that are black would prevent the light passing through the enclosure. Maybe a combination of the two.

Pulsing red LED in a custom PVC box. Now it just needs decorating.

I’ll return to this thread at a later date. I need to do some design work on the box to make it more worthy of being called Steampunk. For now … it’s just a glowing, pulsing box.

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