Sunday, 13 May 2012

Muller–Part 1

Here I am starting my new mulling machine. Actually, the muller will be used to mull greensand and also can be used to crush glass.

I plan to crush glass for glazing and playing with glass drawing etc.. so, big plans for this tool.

Essentially, the muller is going to be made from 1/3rd of a 44 gallon steel barrel. The barrel will get a central shaft that extends beyond the bucket. At the top, the shaft will simply attach to a pivot, while the bottom will attach to a belt, so that the muller can be driven by a motor.

So far, the muller is only the bucket.

Muller Body

I’ve started to roll the edge at the top so that I can weld some cross-braces. The cross braces are just steel rods (steel reo actually). They will be welded to the central shaft and to the lip of the muller.

Rolled Edge

I have a steel ball that is used for crushing concrete. I’ll also be welding some paddles inside the bucket so that the ball bounces and the mix will fold.

Interior View

I expect that the project will take a few weeks … so much other stuff to do.

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