Sunday, 13 May 2012

Furnace Re-refractored

Well, I’ve relined the flowerpot furnace and fixed the major cracks. I’ll be giving the furnace a firing next weekend to finish the curing of the refractory and see if it blows up (there may … will … be air pockets in the refractory).

InteriorTop Down

I am also planning to get a start on the mulling machine today (time and weather permitting). It’s only 9 degrees C here in sunny Hobart today, and the less time I spend out in the workshop, the better.

I have a bunch of 3 litre glass bottles that I am going to turn to glass sand when I have the mulling machine finished (or even only partly finished) and I’ll line the furnace with a glaze as well.

Part of the steel drum that I’m using for the mulling machine will be used to make a new furnace, so that’s a good thing (woot!). The new furnace will be about 2’ high and about 2’ diameter with an internal diameter of about 1’ x 16” high. Being a steel drum means that I can weld a lid onto the furnace so that I can better manage the heat in the furnace. Pictures will be posted, when I’ve done more.

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