Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Simple NE555 Pulsing LED Perfboard

Following on from the previous post (Breadboard Version), I’ve soldered the circuit up on a small bit of perfboard (about 25mm x 35mm).
For this build, I’ve mostly used the bent leads of the components to join the bits together, along with a minimum of jumper leads.
Self Leads
I’ve placed the labels for the components as close to the component as possible … this is the under-side of the board.
As with the previous post … here is the top view of the board.
Picture 45Picture 46Picture 47Picture 48
My biggest hassle with this circuit was that I forgot to link the input voltage to the collector of the transistor. I had a bit of a swear at myself for that, after I went over the circuit with my multimeter to give it a continuity test. I had rushed the build and I was totally ready to swear some more.
This version returns to the original design with a 100 uF electrolytic capacitor. I ran the solderless version for a while last night and decided that 100 uF was better. Oh well, you live and you learn.
Perfboard version of the Simple NE555 Pulsing LED
The video just shows the circuit with power, going through a couple of cycles.

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