Friday, 1 June 2012

Working on the Forge this weekend

Well, the plan for this weekend is to complete the shell for the forge. I’ve made the body of the forge (mostly) and I’ve cut the steel for the cowl. So now I need to bend the cowl into a cone and fit it to the body of the forge.

On top of the cowling, I need to connect a flue to take the exhaust smoke, etc. out of the lean-to where the forge will be.

The next trick will be to fit the tuyere to the side of the body. This will be a fairly simple affair. Make a 45o angle housing with a curved face to weld onto the side of the forge body and with a hole cut into to oblique face.  Cut a steel tube with one end at a curve that is the same as the curve of the barrel. Weld a steel tube into the housing, welding the tube at the circular hole in the oblique face and also to the inside of the forge body. This is so that air that is blown into the forge blows around the body rather than straight into the centre of the fuel. I’m, more or less, mirroring how the air moves in my smelting furnace. I may need to change this, but that’s the plan for now.

I also need to weld up a stand for the forge so that I can have the forge body at the right height for me.

I have pretty much all of the materials that I need to weld the forge to completion and I reckon that this will take about a days effort over the course of the weekend (depending on who has other jobs for me).

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