Saturday, 2 June 2012

Todays work on the Forge

Well … I didn’t get as much done on the forge as I wanted, but I got some done!

Instead of setting the tuyere into the side of the forge as I had planned, I did a bit more research and realised that this would have been a mistake. Instead, I have made a tuyere that enters the forge body from underneath. This means that I can get the air directly under the fuel and it also means that I can put down a bed of refractory on the base of the forge to protect the thin metal and keep the heat in the forge where it belongs.

The design of the tuyere is basically a three way pipe.


The ash end is shut by way of a counter weighted hatch. When the ash hatch is closed, the air is pushed up into the forge.

I’ve welded the pipes together and this is looking good so far.




I’ve also made a frame for the forge body to sit in while it sits on a stack of cement blocks keeping the forge body up at about 60cm off the ground.


Here is the Forge body sitting comfortably in the stand.


Next I’ll finish the tuyere and fit it into the body of the forge and then it will be time to lag the base of the forge with my clay/sand/fireclay mix. Next weekend … it’s off to collect firewood today, Tasmanian winter is here.

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