Saturday, 23 March 2013

Steampunk Electronics–Heartbeat Part 3

Well now … I have duplicated the circuit that Charles Platt shows in his book.

The circuit makes use of direct component soldering rather than using jumper wires or using routes from a printed circuit board.

The resulting circuit works fairly well, although I believe that the capacitors are shorting somewhere in the circuit as the LED does not pulse as the prototype board version did, rather, it pulses on and flashes off. When the power is removed from the circuit, the LED powers down completely, without any capacitor leaking.

Anyway, this is a prototype and I am working on that basis.


As you can see from the picture, the circuit is very small.


You  can see from  the under side, that the legs from each component is used to connect to the next component(s) in the circuit.

I am using some very cheap circuit boards that I bought from eBay. I neglected to clean the board first, so the soldering job wasn’t all that successful (part of the reason that I think that there is a soldering fault). However, as the components are directly soldered, the perf board is used merely as a strata for the circuit.


And here it is.

I need to make a printed circuit board next to improve and refine the prototype.

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