Friday, 15 February 2013

Steampunk Firepower–Design Sketches

As promised, I have compiled a bunch of scans of the sketched designs that I have done. These are designs inspired by various sources, mostly science fiction fantasy novels, television and movies.

I’ve tried to honour the feeling of the sci-fi genres that I have drawn from while still thinking about how the props would feel in the hand.

I must stress that these are NOT real guns, they will not work.

Rocky Horror

This is the Rocky Horror design, it’s a basic shape. The movie version was such a lovely and slick design. The ray gun here seemed to have no moving parts and was a simple shiny metal object.


The Marshall is a pistol design based on the Colt Navy. The addition of a bayonette onto the end is a bit of a unnecessary hardware, but it gives the impression that the hand holding the gun is resolute.

Plasma Freestyle

This is a plasma gun. The idea is that the panel at the rear of the gun would be a transparent plastic panel with glowing swirling lights.

Flame Thrower

A personal flamethrower is always something to pack when you are heading out for a night on the town. Especially when the likes of Nyarlhotep are about.

Angels Wings

The Angels Wings is a personal cannon for the fashion conscious lady adventurer.

Big Mumma

Another in the personal cannon range. The Big Mumma packs the kind of punch that even Dagon would envy. This is the kind of firepower that would be handy when the odds are stacked against you.

Heavy Handed

The third in the personal cannon range, the Heavy Handed is simple and straight forward. Point and Kablooie … problem solved. The Heavy Handed is the sort of gun that makes even the smallest adventurer a force to be reckoned with … although an enhanced arm would not go amiss when trying to cope with the recoil.

Duelling Pistol

The Duelling Pistol is a reproduction flintlock pistol, this sketch is more about the lines and the dimensions. The old duelling pistols were pieces of art.

trigger plate - duelling pistol

As were  the trigger plates for the duelling pistols…

Ray Gun

I am very fond of the design of The Ray Gun. There is a very satisfying balance to this sketch, when I have completed the Unearthly Power, this will be my next project.

Unearthly Power

The Unearthly Power is a fairly simple design and the overall shape is based on a Bosch drill. This is my first design that I am producing as a physical prototype. So far … so good. I’m going to have to remake the prototype as I am also experimenting with materials, but … meh, whatever. The prototype is based on the sketch, I will be making deviations from the design as my skill limits are reached.

Backup Powerpack

I also plan to make a backpack device that can plug in to several of the designed guns.

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