Monday, 3 September 2012

Cart Wheels continue

Yesterday I went back out to the workshop to check on the progress of the cart wheels from the Making Cart Wheels post. I wasn’t going to do much in the workshop yesterday, as it was Fathers Day, and my family had other plans for my time.

I removed the lathes from the jig and took a look at what I ended up with.


It would appear that the jig and the glue have done their job pretty well. The glue has held the form nicely and the jig was able to clamp the lathes while the glue was curing.


There is a straightening in the formed lathe toward the ends, but that is to be expected. The overall curve is good both in the arc of the wheel an in the straightness of the lathe from inside to outside. So overall, I would say that this application of the jig is successful.

There isn’t a lot that I can do with this piece in a practical way, so I am going to cut it up and use it on the jig. If I cut the “hoop” into pieces that are around 27cm, then I can use them to span two clamps. This will give me a piece that will help to clamp down the ends of the lathes when gluing a full 360o piece, by applying pressure at the join: between two clamps.

Next I’ll be buying some timber that is long enough to make lathes that will wrap all the way around the jig and then glue them with the ends offset (staggered), so that I don’t have all of the joins in the same place. Probably by doing two pieces with opposing joins and then the next piece at 60o from the first … something like that, so that no join will be in the same place as any other join. The idea is to improve the overall strength of the finished felloe. Of course, I have to cut the felloe up when it is glued, so this may be a little pointless … we’ll see.

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