Sunday, 15 July 2012

No work this weekend!

This weekend, our daughters had skipped off to sleepovers so my lovely wife and I had a pleasant weekend of liberty … mostly.

Apart from escaping goats and sheep, we had virtually all of the weekend to ourselves. We indulged ourselves with a night out at a nice Thai restaurant (Suwan Thai at Salamanca, in Hobart). We didn’t have to worry about ordering for a vegetarian or for a chilli sensitive child. What a luxury!

After that, we came home and vegetated, watched whatever we wanted and didn’t have to chase children off to bed.

In the morning, we farted around the house until we went out to buy some new fish for our aquarium. We bought some (5) new Lake Malawi cichlids. They are all very young and we certainly can’t put them in with the Jewel cichlids until they have grown up a bit. But, they are sure purty lookin’.


Next weekend, I’m going to do more work on the forge, and hopefully even fire it up. This weekend was more about forging a better relationship with my wife.

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